Useful material for the teaching of Greek as a second / foreign language

  • If you want to learn more about the integration of Third Country Nationals in Cyprus or if you are a parent interested in facilitating your integration into the Cypriot society and the local labor market, please visit the website Guide with General Information about Cyprus.
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute offer educational material available in Greek as part of an in-service Teacher Training Program for Teaching Greek as a Second Language in the framework of a series of seminars that took place in 2016-2017.
  • The "Routes Teaching Modern Greek" program provides an online environment that includes practical guidelines, samples of audio material and presentations for the teaching of Greek as a second / foreign language. This program is a complement to the specialized distance learning program implemented by the Centre for the Greek Language.
  • In the framework of the project "Identity and Diversity Picture Book Collections" (IDPBC) a number of lesson plans and activities on issues related to diversity have been developed. The project provides a digital environment that includes powerful visualized stories of young protagonists who face diversity and explore issues of identity, diversity and social inclusion in depth.
  • The Portal for Greek Language website offers complete suggestions for teaching the four skills for Greek as a foreign / second language. You can find, on the one hand, theoretical training elements on the teaching of the four skills using learning strategies and on the other hand proposals for practical applications within the classroom for each skill